We have made a commitment to excellence in everything we do. Our goal is to exceed your expectations at all times. As an independent, fee only financial planning firm, we represent you and your interests rather than any specific company. While some financial institutions recommend financial services and investment products that are manufactured by the parent of subsidiary business entities, we have no such ties. Our independence is vital to delivering objective, unbiased recommendations.




At Retirement Wealth Advisors, we understand that many people may become overwhelmed when faced with choosing the correct financial products for their needs. A good investment strategy can help you navigate the world of investment vehicles. The initial step is an analysis of your overall risk tolerance so that your investment goals are in synch with your overall financial planning and retirement planning goals.


Once the desired risk profile is established, an investment program is developed that aligns with your attitudes, objectives and risk profile. With a portfolio in place, ongoing reviews are conducted to accommodate changes in personal, economic and political circumstances. Since taxes may be your largest investment expense, we place special emphasis on maximizing the tax-efficiency of your investment returns for tax planning purposes.




It seems that retirement planning has never been so challenging. As a result of individuals retiring earlier and living longer, the average retiree will spend about one-third of their adult life in retirement. So comprehensive retirement planning requires careful consideration of all lifestyle choices involving health care, housing, income and estate planning.


A good retirement strategy can help you work toward financial independence during the retirement years while maintaining your pre-retirement standard of living. At Retirement Wealth Advisors, it’s our belief that retirement can be filled with entertaining activities, insight and purpose, and fulfilling lifelong dreams and goals. With that in mind, we will work together to design a retirement income plan that protects and grows your hard-earned assets so you have the foundation for your golden years.

Insurance PLANNING



An insurance program should be a part of every family’s total financial plan. Insurance is the foundation of financial security. It protects a retiree’s financial resources against the uncertainties of life so they can plan for the future. It is also important to periodically reassess the amount of insurance coverage you have. Over time, insurance coverage needs are likely to change.


Luckily, insurance companies offer innovations and riders that might be applicable to your situation. Reevaluating your insurance policies can lead to lower premiums with coverage better suited to your situation. We can also guide you on planning for long-term care costs as part of your overall retirement planning needs, including whether or not to purchase long-term care insurance, or use other insurance products that may be available to cover these needs.




Estate planning involves more than just tax planning. Estate creation, income replacement, and the orderly transfer of property continue to be the primary objectives of most estate plans. Through estate planning you can also provide for the care of minors, disabled children, and elderly parents.


A complete estate plan that reflects your unique needs will also ensure there are enough life insurance proceeds, liquid assets, and other sources of income to maintain your family’s current standard of living. At Retirement Wealth Advisors, we can help you build an estate plan that you have confidence in. We can develop tax-efficient strategies for the distribution and transfer of your assets to the family, friends and charities you want to give to.


  • Value a trusted advisor
  • Appreciate our independence and client dedication
  • Take the time to talk to us to develop an investment plan
  • Are prepared for us to make recommendations, trades and monitor your portfolio
  • Want to invest for the long term and not chase trends
  • Believe in the values of hard work, savings and discipline
  • Have an interest in a well-thought-out, low cost sophisticated portfolio
  • Want advanced technology at their fingertips to help understand their investments




It is important to stay focused on an individual’s financial goals and not become emotionally attached to the securities. It is also important to periodically review one’s comprehensive portfolio and asset allocation plan, which includes discussing and reassessing overall personal goals. We help provide an objective view of the current portfolio and point out areas that may benefit from repositioning.


Please note that rebalancing investments may cause investors to incur transaction costs, and, when rebalancing a non-retirement account, taxable events may be created that may increase your tax liability. No investment strategy can assure a profit or protect against a loss.


At Retirement Wealth Advisors, we also provide WealthGuard™ to our clients for added protection for your investment plans and financial investments. As a WealthGuard-approved advisor, we can help guide you on staying the course for your long-term investment goals.